Important Booking Information 04/11/21 - Harvington is only open Saturdays/Sundays until the 19th December. To book a guided tour please click on the button below. Our Gardens and Coffee Shop are open free of charge. Please note the Hall is only open for guided tours only and not free flow. we request that all visitors wear a face mask when inside the Hall. 

Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall

Conservation at Harvington Hall

After years of neglect and few repairs, Harvington fell into a state of disrepair and was described in 1910 “doomed to inevitable destruction”.

The Hall was letting in water, ivy had taken hold and the floors were too unsafe for visitors. In a testament to the resilience and importance of the building, Harvington was saved from ruin in the 1930s. The Hall underwent a huge restoration programme, somewhat instigated by the roof collapsing in 1929, a result of the ivy being stripped from it. 

How we keep the Hall in the best condition 

Over the past 90 years Harvington has undergone a number of conservation projects: replacing and repairing mullion windows, repointing of brickwork, and treating of the Elizabethan wall paintings to name but a few. In 2008-09 the Malt House was converted into a new visitor centre (now the café). 

Most recently it was identified that in the 1930s withdrawing room, the vaulted plaster ceiling had started to detach from the laths making the room unsafe to enter. 

The ceiling has been taken down and the room is now safe for visitors.

Although the roof is not traditionally medieval, the 1930s craftsmanship is still a stunning highlight of any trip to Harvington. To see more please visit our YouTube channel 

Having closed due to works on the ceiling and Covid-19, we took the opportunity to undertake further surveys of the building, moat and surrounding landscape. This has included for the first time fully mapping the interior of the building, including the priests’ hides. It is an exciting time at Harvington as we look to take action on the findings of these different surveys. 

Keep an eye out for future updates of surveys and conservation works, as well as our upcoming fundraising campaign. 

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