Important Booking Information 04/11/21 - Harvington is only open Saturdays/Sundays until the 19th December. To book a guided tour please click on the button below. Our Gardens and Coffee Shop are open free of charge. Please note the Hall is only open for guided tours only and not free flow. we request that all visitors wear a face mask when inside the Hall. 

Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall

Help us keep Harvington Hall alive

We need your support to keep the Hall’s history thriving, and to carry on telling its fascinating story! 

Harvington Hall is a Grade I listed building, one of the most original and unique houses in England. With seven remaining priest hides and a rare fragile collection of Elizabethan wall paintings, the Hall plays a significant part in keeping alive Catholic recusant history from the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. 

We are proud to be one of the few historical houses that can still boast a fully functioning moat. This adds to the Hall’s unique historical place in the country as many moats, such as the one at the Tower of London, were drained long ago. 

The Hall is committed to working towards a more environmentally sustainable future, conserving our natural resources to share with our community, learning from each other to create a sense of wellbeing, and providing a robust level of social fulfilment.

The Hall’s moat and natural gardens combine to provide a safe refuge throughout the year for a whole host of wildlife. Dwindling natural habitats are arguably the greatest threat to the world's biodiversity, and at the Hall we work hard to preserve our environment.  

Unfortunately for any historic house and gardens, conservation work is constant and can come at a huge cost, requiring genuine expertise. In 2020, Harvington was closed due to Covid-19 when a survey highlighted the 1930s vaulted ceiling in the withdrawing room as being unsafe.

A fantastic piece of news is that the removal of the ceiling was successful, and the Hall is now safe for visitors in 2021 – but that’s just the start! 

Please help us fund its future.

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