High Chapel Hide

Harvington Hall - High Chapel Hide

Not only does Harvington Hall have some of the best preserved priest holes (hides) in Britain, it also had a concealed chapel where Mass could be held by whichever priest was in the residence at the time. Two steps lead up from the Nursery to the Chapel, which is decorated with a late 17th century […]

Kitchen Shaft Hide

Harvington Hall - Kitchen Shaft Hide

Above the bread-oven, in the thickness of the chimney-stack, is the first hiding- place. It is entered through a trapdoor in the floor of the garderobe off the South Room above the kitchen. It seems to have been obsolete by the end of the l6th century. A brick shaft was built behind the great kitchen […]

Great Loft Hide

The Great Loft Hide - Harvington Hall

A false fireplace in the Marble Room led into the attic and allowed a priest to rapidly leave his room even if all the entrances were guarded. Considerable attention was spent on the details including bricks that had been blackened by fire.  The false fireplace in the Marble Room led to two hides in the […]