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Harvington Hall
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Yoga with Bic (September)

Friday 2nd / 16th / 9th / 23rd 8.45am till 9.45am

Relax and enjoy Yoga in the tranquil surroundings of Harvington Hall. 

Join Yoga instructor Bic for a morning of relaxation. 

  • The price is £10 per session 
  • Maximum of 25 people
  • Bring your own mat
  • Time is 8.45am to 9.45am
  • Yoga sessions are non refundable unless the session is cancelled
  • By booking you are agreeing to the following:




·       Participants are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities with first seeking medical advice if they have any concerns over their physical condition.

·       The teacher has the right to refuse access to a participant if the health of the individual concerned may be endangered in class.

·       Members with the following conditions should not attend class:

o   Low/high blood pressure

o   Cardiac irregularities

·       If participants have or have had any cardiac related issues, they will require a letter from their GP, in order to practice.

·       Participants must notify teacher of any circumstances effecting their health.

·       Participants are required to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times

·       It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are capable of undergoing a routine of exercises provided by any class they attend.

·       Participants accept the risk of injury from exercises and are advised to consult their doctor prior to attending the class.

·       Teacher accepts no liability to any injury of participants before, during or after class.

·       Participants are requested to dress appropriately for the practice of Yoga.

·       Footwear should be removed before starting class.




o   If you think you may be pregnant, it is important that you email to let the teacher know.

o   All information will be confidential

o   This allows the teacher to direct you to pregnancy appropriate classes and ensures you and baby are safe in class.

o   It is not recommended to practice Yoga before 13 weeks

o   The teacher discourages and does not take responsibility for those who are pregnant and chose to not follow these safety and wellbeing guidelines


Further Health and Safety


o   Any restrictions in respect of public health imposed by either the government or venue owners shall be fully complied with.

o   Any participant that shows symptoms of Covid-19, or any other illnesses that impose a risk to others is encouraged to undertake a lateral flow test and not attend if positive for their own wellbeing and the health of others around them.

o   Muster station in the event of fire is located on the gravel car park.

o   The most direct means of evacuation is via the South Bridge

o   Only in the event of an incident, the teacher shall instruct all participants to relocate to the muster station in an orderly fashion; shall notify the Hall Manager, shall take names of those present using the notified list of attendees; and instruct participants when it is safe to either continue the class or to leave the premises.


Before Class:


o   Confirm you have no physical limitations preventing you from participation

o   Consent to exercise under your own risk

o   Agree that any injury, incurred before, during or after class is not the responsibility of the teacher

o   Confirm that you have approval from your doctor to exercise

o   Understand that any party under the age of 16 years cannot participate in class due to the qualifications of the teacher

o   Understand that no party under the age of 16 can be present around the practice space unless supervised by a trusted guardian

o   Release the teacher of any liability regarding injury to self


Class Conduct


o   This event is non-refundable unless cancelled by the teacher of the venue

o   If you arrive late, you may not be permitted entry to class

o   Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts

o   Bring own mats and other required equipment

o   Disruption of class will not be tolerated

o   Be respectful of other people and the space around you


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