Important Booking Information 05/12/23 The Hall, Coffee Shop and Gardens are open weekends only until Sunday 17th December. Please note our new booking system is coming soon! All events and Hall admissions can be purchased from the middle of December. 

Harvington Hall

Harvington Hall's Centenary year 2023!

In 1923, Harvington was given to its current owners, The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham. Making 2023 a year of celebrations! 

The Hall, garden and Coffee Shop are open from Wednesday 22nd February to Sunday 29th October. To book a guided tour, or to walk around as freeflow, please book by clicking on 'Book Now' alternatively call us on 01562 777846

Our Garden and Coffee Shop remain free entry (on non-event days), If you wanted to Book a table please contact the Malt House Coffee Shop.

Our 2023 events list is now on sale! (please note new events are being added regularly) 

For events, please check our ‘WHAT’S ON’ page, Facebook and Twitter for details.

Should you have any queries call us on 01562 777846. 

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Harvington Hall

Forthcoming Events

Thursday 1st February 2024

Manor by Moonlight 6.30pm & 8.00pm SOLD OUT!


The year is 1603 and the ageing Queen Elizabeth I has been on the throne for 44 years, the English Catholics have lived in terror the past 20 years and are hopeful for more peaceful times ahead.

Join the Packingtons of Harvington and their friends by candlelight and discover the dangers ahead of them, on this theatrical tour that brings the fascinating and perilous history of the Hall to life.

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